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The Role of the Educator

As an Educator, my role is to promote children’s learning by way of a purposeful environment and  through the development of knowledge and social values. All classroom and outdoor activities are strategically designed and are closely aligned with Ontario’s Early Years Curriculum, “How Does Learning Happen?” (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016). Children’s development is closely observed and documented and particular attention is paid to children in need of individualized support. I am happy to work alongside professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, teachers etc., in order to provide each child with the highest quality of early childhood education.

The Role of Families and Community

My commitment is to work closely with family and community members to ensure that there is harmony between the classroom and family life. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in curriculum activities in a manner that suits them. In an effort to demonstrate the value of the children’s work and play, I share classroom activities with caregivers through enticing “exhibits” and through daily communications (Knight, S., 2016).

Vegetable Picking

A Commitment to Growth

As a professional Educator, I am committed to professional development in my field. I continue to attend lectures, write articles for relevant blogs and online magazines, and have an updated website.  Most importantly, however, is my commitment to learning alongside the children that I teach as I believe that learning is a reciprocal process and that children often make the best teachers.

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