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How Children Learn

I believe in a cognitive developmental, socio cultural and environmental approach to education. I align myself with developmental theorists such as Jean Piaget in that I believe that the way children experience their world is influenced by their cognitive development (Wadsworth, B., 2004). Like Albert Bandura, I believe that the classroom environment is paramount in the learning process (Bandura, A., 2011). Finally, like theorist Lev Vygotsky, I believe that human development is a socially mediated process where children learn social skills and values alongside their studies through meaningful relationships with their families and communities (Wertsch, J., 1985). Piaget, Bandura, and Vygotsky have influenced my educational practise and inform understanding of early childhood education in practise: (1) children are worthy of respect, (2) learning is shaped by our environments, and (3) children can change the world.

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